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Living Materials Cooperative

Living Materials Cooperative will provide live plants and animals to school campuses as needed for instructional projects. Use of living materials allows school children hands-on experience with various plants and animal species. The menu of materials available was expanded to include enrichment activities, glass microscope slide sets, handouts, new live animals, new microscopic organisms and new planting materials.

Living Materials may be ordered online and are delivered on a weekly schedule via the ESC Route Delivery Service. The deadline for placing an order is noon on Thursday to receive the item the following week.

Districts must join Instructional Resources Cooperative to add this service.
Laura Sprinkle
Library Support Services
Kelli Cuevas
TIS Secretary
Johnny Hernandez
Route Driver

Access Living Materials Catalog to view what is available for ordering. 
Order Living Science Materials HERE or from the Quicklinks on the Region 3 ESC homepage.
Last Modified on November 22, 2016
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