• Online Learning Opportunities for Students

    Region 3 now offers two choices for online learning for students: The Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) and Proximity Learning.
    Proximity Learning is a fully accredited online education provider based in Austin, TX. Unlike most online programs, many of their courses are built around regularly scheduled live class sessions delivered via web-conferencing. Their live instruction model closely approximates the experience of a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting, but is conducted entirely online.
    TxVSN has a catalog of approved, online courses for high school students that are available to high school students enrolled in public or charter schools in Texas.  Region 3 ESC is a member of the TVS ESC Consortium. Most of the Consortium's courses are included in the TxVSN catalog. The Consortium will work with districts or charter schools to accommodate unusual scheduling needs.
    Jamie Purcell
    Digital Learning Specialist
Last Modified on February 6, 2017