RFP/RFQ Solicitation Process

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    Purchasing Cooperative of America

    A typical procurement process takes 6-9 months and thousands of dollars. Members of the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) save your organization time and money; your organization reaping the benefits of having industry experts writing solicitations. PCA performs all required steps of the solicitation process—and will provide the due diligence documentation to you upon request. Get projects started sooner; make your purchases quicker; free up your staff.


    Purchasing Cooperative of America is a service of Region 3 Education Service Center which awards, holds, and administers the contracts. CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK LOOK AT AWARDED VENDORS.



    • PCA staff, with over 100 years of contracting experience and expertise, along with consultants who are industry-specific product and service experts, develop the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ).
    • Each solicitation template clearly outlines terms and conditions, instructions, and response due date and time.
    • Unique scope, specifications, evaluation criteria, and pricing sections are written for each solicitation.
    • Each solicitation includes the governing laws to be in compliance with Texas procurement and contracting statutes and/or other states and federal procurement contracting requirements.

    Issuing & Advertising & Response:

    • Solicitations are competitively bid.
    • Solicitations are advertised in a national publication and at least in one (1) local newspaper for two (2) consecutive weeks, as well as the Texas Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) website.
    • Solicitations are also posted to the PCA website, along with due dates and time.
    • PCA provides approved vendors with an electronic link to the solicitations via the PCA website.
    • A pre-proposal conference, if required, is held after the release of the solicitation.
    • If an amendment to a solicitation is required, amendment clearly states what has changed. Responders are asked to sign and submit an amendment page along with their written response; verifying they have read and understand the amendment.
    • Solicitation responses may only be modified or withdrawn at any time prior to the due date and time.
    • Submissions are time and date stamped upon receipt.

    Evaluation & Award:

    • Submissions are opened promptly on due date and time. Late submissions are returned unopened.
    • Interested parties are welcome to attend the public opening. However, only the names of the respondents are read aloud.
    • Responses are evaluated by committee members in accordance with the evaluation criteria stated in the solicitation. A company must score at least a minimum score to be considered for a contract award.
    • Contracts are awarded by the Region 3 Education Service Center, an agency of the state of Texas.
    • An Award Packet (or Non-Award Letter) is sent to each company submitting a response.
    • Awards are posted to the PCA website.

    For more information about Purchasing Cooperative of America, visit PCA website or call:

    • Elaine Nichols, PCA Director at 713-851-1471
    • Deanna Wigzell, Region 3 Purchaser, 361-573-0731
    PCA Texas Office is located at 11811 North Freeway (I-45N), Suite 500, Houston 77060
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