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School Improvement

We guide campus and district leaders through improvement interventions set forth by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), by supporting those campuses and districts who earned a D or F rating through the State Accountability System and campuses identified for Comprehensive, Targeted, and Additional Targeted Support under ESSA.


The Region 3 School Improvement Team supports district and campus leaders as they implement the Effective Schools Framework (ESF), implement state-required accountability interventions, and engage in other continuous improvement activities. The team supports public school districts, public charter schools, and campuses in the following ways:

  • Required Training: ESF Overview and Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) Development sessions in August and September for school leaders who are required to attend as part of accountability interventions
  • Additional Training: Sessions throughout the year for all leaders who want to deepen their understanding of the ESF or TIP development process (see below for details)
  • Technical Assistance: Guidance and feedback throughout the year to leaders as they submit TIPs and progress updates to TEA
  • ESF Diagnostic Process: Facilitating the ESF Diagnostic Process for campuses that are required to complete the process and those that request a diagnostic
  • Customized Support: Training, guidance, and coaching for district and campus leaders in ESF-aligned school improvement strategies by district request


Our team is committed to providing support for all of the region’s stakeholders. The department supports public school districts, public charter schools, and campuses in the following ways:

  • State Accountability: Understanding the current index structure and preparing for future requirements of the statewide accountability and monitoring systems
  • Federal Accountability:  Understanding and implementing requirements for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), including the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Texas waiver for adequate yearly progress and support for focus, priority and Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS)
  • Workshops, Customized Contracts, Technical Assistance and Support:  Assisting with compliance requirements of all state and federal program areas, including grants

Texas School Report Cards 
Each school gets a letter grade based on its overall performance. Learn more about your school or district here. 

Accountability Rating System for Texas Public Schools and Districts
Historical records of accountability ratings from 1994 to the present. Ratings are available for districts, campuses, and charter schools.
Program Monitoring and Interventions
TEA’s website for all program monitoring and interventions—accountability, program, and data validation.
Accreditation Information and Requirements
TEA accredits public schools in Texas at the district level for grades K–12. This is a link to their webpage for accreditation information and correspondence.

An image of Jaime Schrade

Jaime Schrade

Director-School Improvement and School Leadership