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Music Makers

Music Makers photographThe R3 ECI Music Makers class promotes parent-child bonding, cognitive skills, social and emotional growth, language and physical motor development.  A child’s interest in music offers tremendous opportunities to promote learning.  It also helps children learn to listen, move their bodies, practice sounds and words, and experience joy.  Classes are available for children 18 to 30 months that are enrolled in the ECI program.


Motor Skills
Music engages the tactile, kinesthetic, auditory and visual systems. 
Your child will increase fine / gross motor skills & coordination by engaging in movement activities (dancing, swaying, bouncing, wiggling and hand plays).

Communication Skills
Music encourages use of new sounds and words.
Your child will increase vocabulary and language skills by engaging in fun music activities (singing, dancing, finger play and instrument exploration).



Social Skills
Music helps you bond and connect with your child.
Your child will learn to engage in music play activities with other children his/her age.

Cognitive Skills
Music is processed in many regions of the brain simultaneously.
Your child will increase thinking and listening skills, learn to follow directions and use pretend play through fun musical activities.


Class Schedule for Little Music Makers group class

An image of Jamie Angell

Jamie Angell

Early intervention Specialist/Lead Specialist