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TSDS/PEIMS Coordinator Services

This service is offered to districts that need ESC 3 to operate in the capacity of a district staff position. Services will be processed at ESC 3 and verified by the district; therefore, this technical support will only be offered to ASCENDER districts.


Services Provided to Participating Districts/Campuses

  • Extraction of data from ASCENDER to a PEIMS file creating the XML interchange ƒ Validation of data
  • Promote loaded data
  • Prepare/finalize PEIMS submission
  • Creation of validation reports focused on attaining zero fatal errors
  • Marking of data as complete
  • ESC 3 submission to TEA on district’s behalf with superintendent approval
  • Unlimited technical assistance via email, telephone, or virtual platform



Based on enrollment by district

Tier 1 (1–999) $2,500
Tier 2 (1000–2000)


Tier 3 (2001–4000) $3,500
Tier 4 (4001–7000) $4,000
Tier 5 (7001 +) Call for pricing


An image of Dawn Cummings

Dawn Cummings

Information Systems Director