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TEA Resources

 Texas School Mental Health and Behavioral Health Website (TEA)

Official TEA website developed to provide information to help schools support students’ mental and behavioral health.  The webpage contains links to numerous resources and other websites regarding required training, policy and procedures in mental health areas.  Direct links to notable resources on the website are listed below:


Project Restore

TEA launched Project Restore, a trauma-informed training video series, to assist schools in response to school disruptions/closures and exposure to long term stress because of the pandemic.  The training series of 6 videos with supporting discussion material will meet the required training for grief and trauma informed practices for school personnel.

Best Practice Resources for Schools (scroll to the bottom of the webpage)

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and Department of State Health Services (DSHS) coordinate with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Education Service Centers (ESCs) annually to update a list of recommended best-practice programs, and research-based practices, for public school implementation. These lists include important practices and programs for school leaders to consider for implementation to support academic achievement.  General Information is provided here on the statutes addressed by the Best Practice Resources and the process used to develop the list.


Texas School Mental Health Website (TEA)

The Texas School Mental Health Website, a new TEA website, strives to districts and campuses with the resources and tools needed to develop a comprehensive school mental health system.  The website includes a toolkit, searchable database, learning modules and many resources and supports for schools.  Direct links to several important resources on the website are listed below:


Texas School Mental Health Practice Guide and Toolkit

This Toolkit provides information, considerations, resources and tools for schools.  The purpose is to help Local Education Agencies plan and provide a comprehensive school mental health system.  The Toolkit supports schools with readiness to plan intervetions, services and supports for the Safe and Supportive Schools Program.  Various resources and tools can be accessed in the Toolkit library.

Resources Overview

Identified resources are categorized for several areas:  Texas Resource Database, Families, Students, Educators, School Counselors, Community Partners and COVID-19.

Texas School Mental Health Resources Database

This searchable database was created in response to Senate Bill 11 from the 86th Texas Legislature, which required the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to develop a rubric for Education Service Centers (ESCs) to use in identifying resources that are available to schools in their respective regions, along with a list of statewide resources available to school districts to address the mental health of students.  This database was created to increase the value and access of the identified resources to all stakeholders.

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Phyllis Hamilton

Coordinator - Mental Health