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Little Movers

Little movers photographLittle Movers is a 1 hour weekly class instructed by our Occupational Therapy team.  It is offered for children that have emerging walking skills up to 36 months of age. 




Key Targets of Group

  • Improving  Gross Motor Coordination and Motor Planning Skills
  • Improving  Bilateral  Upper Extremity Coordination
  • Improving Body and Safety Awareness
  • Improving Social Skills through Group Activities
  • Improving Sensory Regulation and Modulation


Structured Group Activities  to include:

  • Parachute Party
  • Obstacle Courses to promote motor skills
  • Glow Stick Play for Body Awareness
  • Sensory Integration Activities with Equipment such as:  swings, ladders, slides, scooter boards,  crash pit, balance beam
  • Animal Crawls/Walks to increase coordination and strength
  • Age appropriate games to promote social skills
An image of Angie Bolom

Angie Bolom

Occupational Therapist/Program Manager