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Third Party Integration


The ASCENDER Third Party Integration service enables schools to automate the process of sharing data between ASCENDER and other third-party applications.  ESC3 specialists evaluate the data included in each integration with an extensive view to the transfer of data, security of data, process of creation, and other responsibilities.


Services Provided to Participating Districts/Campuses

  • Consulting with the district technology director about specific vendors
  • Verifying types of data/tables needed from ASCENDER
  • Editing scripts using SQL
  • Verification of the extracted file's data with the district technology director
  • Creating batch scripts to transfer data to the vendor/software program



  • Storage of data using secure File Transfer Protocol
  • Revision of scripts at the beginning of and throughout the year
  • Troubleshooting issues that arise with a specific vendor
  • Ability to assist the district with limited vendor software issues
  • Unlimited technical assistance via email, telephone, or virtual platform
An image of Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Information Security & Data Management Coordinator