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Specialty Direct Services

Infant Massage

infant massageInfant massage is a brilliant way to touch and nurture your child.  Using the techniques of Infant Massage developed by Vimala McClure are a magnificent way to further develop the parent/child relationship. Research shows that babies who are massaged: May sleep deeper and longer, spend more time active and alert for learning, increase bonding and attachments to their parents, and have improved elimination. Touch helps the parent and infant form a trusting secure relationship, stimulates brain development and promotes body awareness. Infant massage helps parents feel more comfortable in their parenting skills, be more aware of their baby, understand and respond to their baby’s cues, gives the parent time to relax and unwind, and can also help ease the stress of a working parent who is away from the child during the day. The Region 3 ECI program now has an Educator of Infant Massage, certification pending through Infant Massage USA, making this training available to parents and their babies.


Lactation Counseling

lactation counselingLactation counseling services are available to improve the nursing experience for both mother and baby. Services include but are not limited to addressing weight gain, positioning, latching, pumping, milk supply, and pain while nursing. Counseling is available for mothers of babies enrolled in the ECI program.



What is Pathways - Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention (NDBI)?

pathways logoThe Pathways Parent Training Program was developed specifically to teach parents to address the unique needs of their toddler with autism. Our early autism intervention program is based on the most current research on intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorders. We use an approach that promotes communication and social engagement; helping these children become active participants in the world.

The Pathways Parent Training Program is delivered in weekly sessions. With the support of the Pathways trained interventionist, parents will learn the skills and strategies to enable them to facilitate their child's learning and development. The Pathways Parent Training Program is manualized for both the benefit of the interventionist and the parent. Parents will master new and powerful strategies and use them to address the core characteristics of autism which will change the way their child interacts with the social environment and significantly minimize the effects of autism.

*This program is only accessible with the help of an ECI Interventionist in Texas who have been trained to offer this intervention.

An image of Doreen Williams - Infant Massage

Doreen Williams - Infant Massage

Early Intervention Specialist/Program Manager
An image of Amy Carabajal - Pathways

Amy Carabajal - Pathways

RN/Early Intervention Specialist/Program Supervisor