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Private and Non-profit Schools


Private Non-Profit Issues: Fiscal, Identification, Services

Under Title I, Part A, local education agencies, or LEAs, are required to provide services for eligible private school students, as well as eligible public school students. In particular,

ESSA Section 1117 requires a participating LEA to provide eligible children attending private nonprofit elementary and secondary schools, their teachers, and their families with Title I services or other benefits that are equitable to those provided to eligible public school children, their teachers, and their families. ESSA Private School Equitable Services website lists Private Non-profit guidance under the Title I, Part A link and resources are intended to assist LEAs in meeting the statutory requirements.

PNP Equitable Services Reservation

For Title I, Part A, the private nonprofit (PNP) equitable services reservation amount does not include any reduction for school district administration of private nonprofit services. School districts are required to consult with PNPs prior to deducting administration costs from the equitable services amount.

Affirmation of Consultation with PNP School Officials

In accordance with the requirements of ESSA, districts and eligible PNPs must collaborate to complete the Affirmation of Consultation forms as applicable, and submit them to TEA. The Affirmation and all related information can be found at the following link:

ESSA Private School Equitable Services

Approval of Participant Support Costs

Under ESSA and the CARES Act, ESSER, equitable services to PNPs that are required, and therefore allowable, under federal program statute include registration and travel costs for PNP staff participating in allowable professional development activities. The direct cost of providing training, including travel to professional conferences and any registration fees, meets the EDGAR definition of a "participant support cost."

School districts that expend federal grant funds on the provision of equitable services must complete the Request for Approval of Participant Support Costs: Private School Equitable Services form. The district must print the completed form and maintain the printed copy as documentation of the required approval for expenditure of federal grant funds on participant support costs. This documentation must be provided to auditors and monitors upon request.

TEA Procedure for Offering PNP Equitable Services Upon Request

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to meet the ESSA requirements when a participating private nonprofit school files a complaint against the school district and requests the state to provide its equitable services under ESSA programs, and the ombudsman substantiates the validity of the complaint. [ESSA Sections 1117(b)(6)(A-C) and 8501(c)(6)(A-C)].

PNP Complaint Forms

The following resources are available in English and Spanish to private school officials and other stakeholders who believe that the ESSA equitable services requirement has been violated:

The TEA Ombudsman for PNP complaints is LaNetra Guess ESSA Private School Equitable Services