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The Texas Education Code, Section 42.006, requires all school districts to participate in the PEIMS. PEIMS provides useful, accurate, and timely information on student demographics and academic performance, personnel, and school district finance. The TEA, the legislature, and other agencies use this information to adequately oversee and evaluate the public education system.

An internal audit is an assessment tool that will provide a reliable indicator of the quality of your school district’s systems and processes, identifying problems, risks, and opportunities to better serve the needs of the district while also highlighting data-reporting successes.


Services Provided to Participating Districts/ Campuses

  • Review of policies and procedures
  • District compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Recording and reviewing of data submitted to TEA
  • Documentation control
  • Reporting and data integrity (controls and security)
  • Staff training and responsibilities



3 days on site for administrative/campus interviews (2 people) – $4,800

3 days off site (detail testing, analysis of data, report preparation) – $2,400

TOTAL – $7,200

Optional presentation to the superintendent, district administration, or board—no fee

An image of Dawn Cummings

Dawn Cummings

Information Systems Director