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Regional Purchasing Services Contract Services

Member districts are provided the opportunity to purchase products and services directly from awarded vendors through localized purchasing services. Districts' use of cooperatives ensures compliance with Federal and State purchasing statutes. Cooperative purchasing provides access to more products and services over purchasing individually. 

Services Provided to Participating Districts/Campuses

  • Lower costs for quality goods and services
  • Reduced administrative burden and costs
  • Option to purchase directly from regional vendors
  • Receive purchasing services that address local needs
  • Maintain and provide all required documentation
  • Unlimited technical assistance via email, telephone, or virtual platform

Bid Categories

  • Art supplies
  • Athletic and physical education supplies
  • Band supplies and instruments
  • Building, janitorial, and grounds supplies and services
  • Cafeteria bakery products
  • Cafeteria food items
  • Cafeteria ice cream items
  • Cafeteria milk, juice, and dairy products
  • Cafeteria paper, plastic, and cleaning goods
  • Instructional supplies and materials
  • Special education supplies
  • Kitchen equipment and supplies
  • Library and instructional books
  • Nurses' supplies
  • Office equipment, supplies, and furniture
  • Science equipment and supplies
  • Uniforms and screen-printing items
  • Vehicle and bus parts and supplies


Enrollment Base Fee
<499 $500
500-1,499 $1500
1,500-17,000 $2,500