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Non-Educational Community Based Services

Noneducational Community-based Support Services funding is annually made available to school districts for the provision of noneducational community-based support services to certain students with disabilities and their families so that those students may receive an appropriate free public education in the least restrictive environment according to the Texas Education Code § 29.013.

Texas Education Code § 29.013 Noneducational Community-Based Support Services For Certain Students With Disabilities

(b) The funds may be used only for eligible students with disabilities who would remain or would have to be placed in residential facilities primarily for educational reasons without the provision of noneducational community-based support services.

(c) The support services may include in-home family support, respite care, and case management for families with a student who otherwise would have been placed by a district in a private residential facility.

Only school districts may apply for these funds. Application is a local district decision and is strictly voluntary. The purpose of these funds is to provide periodic, short-term noneducational services for students receiving special education services, who are at risk of residential placement for educational purposes.

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