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Vendor Registration

If you are interested in selling your products and services to the participating school districts within the Region 3 Purchasing Cooperative,  the first step you will need to take is to register in our vendor database to receive bid notifications

Region 3 Education Service Center is now using Bonfire, an online procurement software, to help us keep track of your information and maintain better communication with you. Here’s what this best-in-class sourcing platform will help with:

  • Save time and money with online RFx responses - paper printing and snail mail is no longer required!
  • Communicate with our team during the bid and RFP process through Bonfire’s message center for centralized conversations and simplified record keeping
  • Update your details and documents like contact information, insurance forms, and NDAs on your own time in minutes 

Watch this 5 minute training video to learn how to get started. For questions or support needed when using the platform, access the online knowledge base, search the FAQ, or can contact the Bonfire support team at or by calling 1-800-354-8010.

After registering, you will receive notifications when new bids for products or services are conducted in the categories you have selected.  You must respond to the Request For Proposal (RFP) per the bid instructions.

If you are awarded a bid, you will be notified and added to our awarded vendor list.  At this point, it will be up to each individual school district within the purchasing cooperative to decide if your products and services meet their needs or not.  Being a member of the cooperative grants the right to utilize our contracts; it is not mandatory.  District officers will select the contracts that provide the best value to their districts, if multiple vendors are awarded the same contract.

 We look forward to working with you,

Region 3 Education Service Center Procurement


Click here to create your account. Only account holders receive notice of bid opportunities. 

Vendor Registration


Notice to Vendors: Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Required by Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code


Effective January 1, 2006, any person or entity who contracts or seeks to contract with Region 3 Education Service Center or a Purchasing Coop Member for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services (as well as agents of such persons) (hereafter referred to as Vendors) are required to comply with applicable conflict of interest disclosure requirements.

If applicable, the Conflict Of Interest Questionnaire must be filed:

Additional information and the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire may be downloaded from the Texas Ethics Commission.


Assistance in determining potential conflict of interest, in regards to local government officers of the Region 3 Education Service Center or the Purchasing Cooperative Member District, may be found on the Education Service Center's homepage Web site.

  • No later than the seventh business day after the date the Vendor begins contract discussions or negotiations with the government entity, or submits to the entity an application, response to a request for proposal or bid, correspondence, or other writing related to a potential agreement with the entity.
  • The Vendor also shall file an updated questionnaire not later than September 1, of each year in which a covered transaction is pending, and the seventh business day after the date of an event that would make a statement in the questionnaire incomplete or inaccurate.