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Texas School Procedures

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Texas School Procedures partners with and supports Texas public schools by:

  • Ensuring compliance with Texas and federal laws, school board policies, and best practices through the use of our protocols and resources.
  • Providing electronic documents, letters, notifications, postings, resources, and scripts to implement all protocols.
  • Providing home letters and documents in both English and Spanish versions.
  • Adding new protocols and documents regularly.
  • Updating and keeping current all protocols and documents when changes are made at the state and federal level or clarification is made through the Texas Education Agency, TASB, SBEC, Office of Civil Rights, etc.
  • Empowering and protecting districts and administrators in critical decision-making within the legal structure of the Texas Education Code and Texas Administrative Code.


An image of Kristin Marak

Kristin Marak

Director of School Finance/District Accounting Services